Essential App List for iPhone

if you have an iPhone, you probably know that the App Store can be daunting!  There are so many apps and it’s difficult to choose which ones you really need to download!  This list will especially help you out if you don’t have a ton of storage to waste on...
March 2018 Favorites!  The Month of the Moisturizer.

March 2018 Favorites! The Month of the Moisturizer.

My monthly favorites posts are some of my very favorite ones to write.  It gives me the perfect excuse to reflect on the month and really take a look at what I was enjoying and what I wasn’t!  I love this because then I try to make an effort to increase my...
How To:  Pamper Yourself

How To: Pamper Yourself

Do you take the time to pamper yourself?  If not, you are really missing out!  It’s so, so important to take the time to spoil yourself a little bit!  NO EXCUSES!  Taking the time to pamper yourself (otherwise known as self care) doesn’t have to be...
Fallen Officers

Fallen Officers

I hate that I feel led to write this.  I can’t believe that I’ve even been through these events to allow me to write this.  Clinton, MO.  My hometown – born and raised.  BROKEN. Clinton, Missouri is sweet city in the middle of the United States....
Unboxing:  She is Clothed Subscription Box

Unboxing: She is Clothed Subscription Box

GUYS.  RUN.  Don’t walk.  ORDER THIS SUBSCRIPTION BOX.  This subscription box is soooo good.  Such a great investment for your closet and accessory options! But, really.  I am already excited to get the next subscription box from Amy because this one was so fun...
My Postpartum Anxiety Story

My Postpartum Anxiety Story

WELCOME!  This isn’t exactly going to be the most fun post that I’ve written.  However, it is necessary.  This post is why I started my blog – it has taken some time for me to write this but I’m feeling ready.  This is all about my struggles...
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