For those of you that didn’t already know, Tayler and I bought a home in August.  It was a little close in timing considering Vandy was born in September.  So, we didn’t have a ton of time to work on any fun projects that we wanted to do.  Instead, we focused on finishing Vandy’s nursery, painting the interior walls, and cleaning up unnecessary trees!  However, I hated the look of our fireplace.

fireplace makeover upgrade update paint white oak wood home decor mantel

It’s important to know that we have very dark hardwood throughout almost all of our house.  The only exception is the kitchen, which is tile, and then there is carpet in the main living room and the bedrooms.  We LOVE the dark flooring.  But, our fireplace had a lighter wood look going… I think it was oak.  Blah.  Not my style, at all.  The two tones of wood just seemed to look odd together, in my opinion.  NOT A FAN.  I’m a very dark hardwoods and white accents kind of girl.  I really like the clean lines and the more modern but cozy the better.  Thankfully, Tayler is the exact same.

before fire place fireplace oak wood

So, on Saturday we went to Walmart and I randomly mentioned that I would like to paint the fireplace white.  Tayler always goes along with my extreme randomness and so we headed over to the craft section of the store.  We’ve used chalk paint on a ton of projects when we had the time and space for projects so we knew that’s where we would want to start.  Because we do live in a pretty small town so we don’t have an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer near us (that I know of) so we decided to give this brand a chance- we got two of the bottles of the chalk paint and a tiny bottle of the clear wax!  While we were at Walmart, we grabbed some cheap paint brushes and that’s all that we needed for our project!

We chose to purchase the Waverly chalk paint in the shade Plaster.  It’s in between white and a true ivory.  Our baseboards are a pure white so I didn’t want to venture too far from white but also didn’t want a stark white fireplace, if that makes sense!  The wax is also by Waverly and it’s just the Clear wax.  It’s a liquid so it is a little bit different than Annie Sloan’s, if you’ve ever used that!

We ended up not starting this until Tuesday night after Vandy had already went to bed.  Tayler taped off the walls and the fireplace face so that way we didn’t have to be near as careful around those areas.  We just had some Frog Tape left over from when we were painting the bedrooms in our house so we just used it but really any type of masking tape should work just fine!

tape fire place fireplace makeover diy white modern home

You can see some of the scratches that were on the top of the fireplace in this picture and it was super hard to cover all of them.  In the picture right below this you can actually see our front door right behind Tayler’s head – lol!  Our fireplace is one of the first things that you see when you walk into our house.  So, every day when I walk in I think about how I wish the woods didn’t clash!

He’s such a goof but I sure do love that he agrees to do all of the crazy things that pop into my head!  HA!

We just poured some of the chalk paint on a couple of disposable plates from our wedding – HAHAHA! We both used angled brushes and we just started painting!  I would say it probably took us around 20 minutes to get the first coat painted!  I will include a few pictures of just the first coat below!

It didn’t look too terrible from afar but it looked rooooough up close.  We definitely couldn’t have skipped the second coat, that’s for sure!  We let the chalk paint dry completely… probably about an hour.  Then we went back for round 2.  This coat of paint probably only took us about 10-15 minutes to complete.  We finished off the 2nd jar of the chalk paint right as we were finishing up so this was the perfect amount for us!

August apparently really wanted in this one!  LOL!  She stuck pretty close to Tayler while he was painting – I’m assuming she was worried he would mess it up!

We did wait until the next night to put the wax on.  We decided to only wax the top of the mantel because we were a little bit nervous about waxing any parts that could get too hot from the fireplace when we light it.  I just don’t really see good things coming from that!  The wax does say that we need to wait 24 hours to buff out the wax so that’s what we are doing but it does seem a little bit excessive to me!

Here are some pictures of the finished product:

after finished fire place fireplace face lift makeover diy home house decor upgrades

I’m honestly not use that I’m completely in love with the decor that we have on the top of the fireplace, currently.  I will probably have to change that up pretty soon but it’ll work for now!  Best part of the decor is that all of those milk bottles are from Ross’ Dairy – which is our last name!

Altogether we spent just under $20 and about 1.5 hours TOTAL on this entire project and it made such a huge difference in our home!  I LOVE IT!

There will definitely be plenty more fun diy home projects coming your way – soon!  Biggest one… painting the exterior of our home!  Spring is here and it’s about time to ditch our green and go more modern!

If you haven’t already, check out my last post of my makeup must haves that I just can’t run out of!

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