if you have an iPhone, you probably know that the App Store can be daunting!  There are so many apps and it’s difficult to choose which ones you really need to download!  This list will especially help you out if you don’t have a ton of storage to waste on your iPhone!  This will be a complete list of my favorites apps that I have downloaded on my iPhone and why you need it, as well!


Facebook – this one should be obvious.  I love Facebook and use it more than I would like to admit, to be honest.  I really like having access to Facebook right through the app so that way I can keep up to date.  It’s especially helpful for my blog to help interact with my audience!

Facebook Messenger – if you send/receive any messages through Facebook, you will need the Messenger app.  Facebook switched to using a separate app for Messenger awhile ago.  I hated it at first but now I really like it.  It’s easier to keep track of your notifications, in my opinion!

Twitter – I’m guilty of not using Twitter as often as I should.  However, I still check it every now and then so that I can keep up with some friends but mostly the baseball accounts that I follow!  HAHA!

Instagram – This app is a great way to just glance at photos from your friends, celebrities, or athletes that you follow.  I enjoy it because it’s so thoughtless.  I’m able to just scroll through the photos without having to focus super hard on what the message is, if that makes any sense!

SnapChat – I really love the SnapChat app.  I did like it a lot more before their most recent update.  However, I mostly like it to send random photos and videos of Vandy.  Also, it’s perfect to send the worst pictures of yourself to your friends and you can set a time limit on it and then it’s gone for good… assuming you have nice friends that won’t screenshot it!  Use my Snap Code below to add me to SnapChat – or use my username (bv510).

Pinterest – The Pinterest app is beyond easy to use and I could not do without it.  I really don’t have any complaints about it and it gets the job done efficiently.

YouTube – I’m so in love with the YouTube app.  I use it daily and I love watching videos on it.  It works seamlessly and the options are endless.  I always want to start a YouTube channel when I’m watching videos… but no one wants to listen to me that much lol!


Pic Stitch – if you want to include a collage on Instagram or just want a specific photo to have borders or anything, this is the app for you!  I really like it because it’s easy, fast, and FREE!

InstaSize – I don’t use this one a ton because I usually just use Pic Stitch, however, this is quick and will help you size your photos for Instagram with 0 fuss!

Shutterfly – I love having this on my phone because most of the time I just take photos on my phone instead of grabbing my camera.  It makes ordering photos or saving them to an album to order from later a total breeze!  Their app is easy to navigate, too!

ColorStory – this one isn’t free but the filter options are basically endless!  If you want a cohesive looking Instagram feed, this is the perfect app!  It will make the process so simple for you!



WordPress – if you use WordPress, their app is super easy to use.  You can check your stats, respond to comments, and even approve/deny comments on your blog right from the app!

ShopStyle Collective – I use this to track my commissions and also check for items to be sure they are available on SSC!  I love the simplicity of this app!

Facebook Page Manager – If you are the Manager of any Facebook pages, you NEEEEEEED this app!  It’s easy to use and track your notifications separately from your personal Facebook!

Canva – THIS IS THE ONE!  If you only download one app from this post… let it be this one.  You can create all of your needed graphics for freeeeee!  The computer version is better, however, the app will definitely do the job!

Influenster – I love this app because it has allowed me to try out products for free that I wouldn’t have thought about or had been accepted for!    It takes a bit to get everything set up but it is so, so worth it!

Tailwind – Tailwind allows me to schedule all of my pins to Pinterest so that I don’t have to manually pin all day long!  This app is how my Pinterest has grown from less than 1,000 monthly viewers to over 450,000 monthly viewers in about 70 days!  Seriously.  If you use this link, you and I will both earn $15 towards our subscriptions!

Google Analytics – This GA app will allow you to check your stats quickly and easily.  Sometimes it is a hassle to go to a computer to just be sure that everything is working… this will alleviate that issue!


Timehop – I love this app because it reminds me of the fun and (sometimes dumb) things that I’ve taken pictures of or posted in the past years on that date.  If you don’t already have this one… download it!

Google Drive – This app will help keep your photos and documents all safe and connected to your Google Drive!  This always helps me to feel better, just in case something crazy would happen to my phone or iCloud account!

PayPal – I love the PayPal app because it makes paying for things online super simple and secure!  If you buy or sell online, this is a secure way to do so!

UPS – Do you ever receive packages from UPS?  This will keep all of your tracking information together according to the shipping address.  IT’S AMAZING!

ESV Bible – I love using this app to reference or see what a specific verse is.  It’s super easy to understand and I really enjoy using it! If you’re looking for a good way to read the Bible without carrying a Bible everywhere with you… this is the way to go!

SheReadsTruth – They do also have a HeReadsTruth app for the men out there.  I love this app because it’s beautiful, has tons of reading options, and really makes you want to dive into the Bible!


Sephora – The app for Sephora is simple to use and gather information on.  I like it because I’m always signed in so I don’t have to do much to place an order if I need to!

Amazon – This app is easy and quick to use, as well!  It seems much faster than ordering on the actual website, in my opinion!

Etsy – I like using this Etsy app WAY more than the website.  I like it more because it seems to show more information on one page instead of having to search all over the place for it!  If you haven’t shopped with Etsy before, you will be actually purchasing from small businesses and/or home crafters!  You’re bound to find fun and unique items and gifts on Etsy!


I only really follow baseball, however, these are my favorites, by far!

MLB Trade Rumors – MUST HAVE.  If you like baseball, at all… you need this!  You can keep up to date with trades.  I’ve literally never seen this app be wrong… they usually have the scoop way before anyone else!

At Bat – you can check stats and keep up to date with scores on this At Bat app!  Nothing magical but gives me the information that I need!

These are my essential apps… what are yours?  Leave them in the comments below!

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