Guys.  Where in the WORLD did February go?!  I know that it’s a short month but, DANG.  Vandy will be 6 months old this month and popped her first tooth through yesterday!  Anywayssssss… another month gone can only mean one thing!  MONTHLY FAVORITES!

So, here we are.  Who’s ready to see (read) my favorite items from the month of February?!  Some of these links are affiliate links.  These links do not cost you any extra but do help to keep this blog up and running and we do thank you if you use these!

To start off this monthly favorites post, I feel as if I can look no further than my Apple Watch Series 3.  I’m completely obsessed.  Seriously.  I can wear it in the shower and I don’t have to take my phone with me if I take Vandy somewhere.  It has been priceless to me lately.  Mine is the rose gold with light pink band!  The only issue that I have had with the band is that I wore a new pair of dark wash jeans and the band is somewhat stained from them.  I need to try to clean it up and see if it’ll come off but so far it hasn’t really faded with wear or in the shower – so that does stink!

I feel like makeup is actually a majority of these items, which is sort of unusual for me.  However, my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder is just such a good product.  I use my concealer and then apply this powder and it makes my under eye area so smooth and creaseproof!  It is a translucent, loose powder that has some seriously finely milled powder.  It can make a mess, if you aren’t paying attention, though!

Next will be the brush that I apply the Laura Mercier powder with – the Sigma Tapered Highlighter (F35) brush.  This is such an amazing brush and my favorite use for it is to apply powder under the eyes and between my eyebrows so that I don’t get powder all over my brows!  Super soft but effective brush.  Mine is the copper style and it is gorgeous!  I also love the Sigma Tapered Blending (E40) brush for doing a smokey eye look!  It is basically the little sister of the F35.

I’ve owned this next product for awhile but have only recently started using it and I just don’t know why!  It is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in the shade paaarty.  It is a beautiful deep pink/red/brown shade and it is so flattering.  I could actually also get away with using this as a bronzer if I didn’t go too crazy with it.  I feel like this shade would look great on a super wide range of skin tones.  The lasting power is every bit of 12 hours, for me.  Usually blushes only last a few hours maximum for me, but not this one! A little bit of this blush will go a loooooong way!

Next is an oldie but suuuuuch a goodie!  This is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.  I use shade 2.5 Creme Brûlée and it matches me perfectly.  Most of my acne scarring has faded but this is perfect to cover those last few stubborn spots, some redness on my cheeks, and on my under eye area.  This concealer doesn’t crease and is easily my favorite concealer of all time.  I would totally consider this product to be fool proof!

You will be seeing a full review on this next product really soon, however, I could not leave it out of this post.  This is the bareMinerals Fresh Faced Liquid Foundation.  I used the Made-2-Fit shade matching to find the correct shade for me.  IT IS AMAZING.  I would consider it to be a light-medium coverage.  I have really dry skin and this was not over hydrating but still didn’t dry my skin, at all.  It is made right here in the good ole’ USA and comes in gorgeous packaging – with a PUMP!  I’d definitely consider this foundation to be in my top 5 of all time.  I’m seriously in love with this foundation!

I have fallen in love with my camera, all over again!  I have the Canon Rebel T3i.  It isn’t really anything crazy expensive but I had forgotten how much I love to take pictures!  I feel like I need a few more lenses but I love it and I hope to continue taking more photos!  I’m really wanting to get a ring light and a lightbox to help take even better product photos!

My new desktop computer has been a total game changer for this blog.  I got the Apple iMac 27″ with the 5K Retina display.  If you didn’t know, you can use Education Pricing if you are a student!  This actually made the cost of this computer MUCH cheaper!  I seriously love it.  This is quite possibly my favorite purchase of all time.  It is definitely an even better computer than I thought it would be.  I’m super impressed!

I would be lying if I didn’t include my GlossyBox as one of my favorites!  You can find the full review here.  I was so impressed with the quality of the products considering this subscription box is SUPER cheap!  If you haven’t already read my review of this subscription box… go check it out because I was so surprised at the quality!

Teethers are our jam, these days!  I am seriously loving these that I had custom made for Vandy! I had them made by Hush-a-Bye Teethers.  This girl is THE BEST!  She created these, customized, and shipped them SO quickly!  I was so impressed.  We have some of the Teething Eggs that are super popular on Facebook right now but Vandy totally prefers these wood style of teethers!

I hope that you love these monthly favorites posts as much as I enjoy writing them!  I always love to see/hear about what other people are enjoying!  Leave a few of your current favorites in the comments below!

Did you catch my January 2018 Favorites post?  If not, you should check it out!  It has a whole different list of favorites!


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