I decided to order the Glossy Box recently because I read some glorious reviews about this subscription box.  This specific subscription box comes monthly and you receive 5-6 products in each box!  They have a great program that you can earn Rewards Credits by referring friends or by completing tasks.  These Rewards Credits allow you to purchase additional items from the Glossy Box online shop!

I recently received my very first Glossy Box and I really wanted to share my experience with you!  I always love unboxing YouTube videos and blog posts!  The shipping on the Glossy Box was unbelievably quick.  I actually received the box within 3 days of me ordering it!  That is impressive!!  So, my first impression was great!  It came in a super cute box and then I opened it… and realized that was just the shipping package!  The exterior packaging was completely branded, as well!

The box inside of the exterior packaging was super cute with an envelope style of graphic on the dusty pink box.  The box is actually super sturdy and I’ll definitely keep it to help me organize my makeup drawers that are always getting out of control!  I was excited instantly when I opened this box.  I could see that everything was packaged adorably and then tied up with navy ribbon.  The box was completely full!

There was an adorable postcard, the brochure with all of the products listed, and an informational piece!

Then, it was time for the fun stuff… the products!

On the top of the Glossy Box, I found the JJ Young by Caolion Lab Pore Charcoal Mud Sheet Mask.  This is a peel off mask that is supposed to help with blackheads, whiteheads, tighten your skin, and it is 3D!  It looks nice and I’m actually really excited to give it a shot.  Most of the back of the packaging on this sheet mask is not in English but there are really good images to help with application and some of the instructions are in English!  I’m a total sucker for sheet masks!

Next, I saw the Skin by Dimitri James Smokey eyeshadow palette.  I won’t lie… I sort of expected it to be cheaply made.  WHOOPS! Nope, super nice packaging and the colors are gorgeous colors that are totally wearable.  This has always been my issue with subscription boxes.  It seems like they include the colors that no one wants.  This is not the case with this palette.  The mirror is a nice size.  The colors do seem to have great color payoff.  I will say that I was not impressed with the applicator included – I actually think they should’ve just not included one!  The colors included are:  Icy Hot, Champagne Toast, Bronze Goddess, Foxy Born, Midnight Purple, Gunmetal, Into The Blue, and Smoldering Black… if you’re wondering!

The next items that I noticed were the John Masters Organics body wash and body milk.  These are decent sizes of samples and will definitely last for more than just a couple of uses!  These are both in the scent Geranium & Grapefruit and smell HEAVENLY!  Seriously, possibly one of my new favorite scents – so good!  I plan to start using these and may do a review once I use them up!  I have super dry skin so I will be really putting these to the test!  The packaging and smell have won me over, so far!

I received one of my favorite things to find in a subscription box… a brush!  The brush that I received is the Large Angled brush #504 by Luxie!  It actually feels extremely soft and looks to be of great quality.  I’m loving the dusty pink handle on this brush and I will definitely be using it.  The dark copper metal is gorgeous and I’m actually super excited to use this brush.  I’m not sure exactly what I’ll use it for just yet… maybe blush or bronzer!  I love the white tips on a makeup brush’s bristles because you can really see how dirty/clean the brush is!

So, this next item is actually sort of ironic.  So, I had just asked the girl that I purchase my Lipsense from if they have a lip exfoliator.  She said no but she wishes that they did… then I opened this box about 20 minutes later.  I received the ‘Scrubbie’ sugar lip scrub from Royal Apothic!  I do plan to use it tomorrow and I’m so hoping that it’s great!  I’ve been looking for a great lip exfoliator for awhile!  I did go ahead and puncture the top of this one and just checked out the consistency and it felt great – enough to exfoliate but not too much to where you are uncomfortable!  I wish that the packaging wasn’t so crunched up, though, because when I punctured the top, the product started spilling out everywhere!

The last item in the box was the Doucce Relentless Matte Lip Crayon.  The color that I received is 401 Alba.  It is a super wearable pink-brown.  I actually really like the color!  On the packaging, it claims to be waterproof, transfer proof, and to have high color payoff!  However, my swatch wiped away super easy so I’m hoping it will be different once it is on my lips!

Overall, I was really impressed with the box and the mix of products.  I like all of the shades that I received and the items are all completely different.  Basically anyone woman would love this, in my opinion!  I will absolutely continue to receive this subscription box.  Glossy Box gets 2 thumbs up from me!  Fun products and actually really great quality from what I can see!

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