My blog receives a majority of its’ traffic from Pinterest.  When I first started my blog, I switched to a business account on Pinterest.  This took about 2 minutes and it was super simple and FREE!  I was instantly discouraged when I saw that I had less than 1,000 monthly viewers.  Not good.  This was on February 17th.  I knew that I needed to grow my viewers to have a successful blog.  This has proven to be very true for me.  As of yesterday (March 12th), I have OVER 103,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest and I want to help others reach their goals.  I’m no where near done and I plan to hit 1 million monthly viewers on Pinterest by the end of May.  #goals

As my monthly viewers on Pinterest has increased, so have my blog page views and sessions!  This is huge because the more page views and sessions… the more brands are interested in working with you!

To start with, I joined Tailwind.  If you haven’t heard of Tailwind yet, it’s a pin scheduler.  Basically, you schedule out your posts for the day/week/month.  You can schedule your own pins and/or random pins from Pinterest.  Tailwind will analyze your account and suggest the best times of the day.  I try to pin 40-50 pins per day and I do about 40% of my own pins and the other 60% are random pins that I’m interested in.

Tailwind has a free trial but I actually don’t recommend it because I didn’t see ANY results until I upgraded.  You can use this link (TAILWIND) to receive $15 off of your subscription, plus it helps me out, too!  Once I upgraded, I saw improvements within 24 hours – literally!  My traffic to my blog went up by around 300% and my monthly viewers on Pinterest SKY ROCKETED.  I honestly can not believe how much Tailwind helped me to reach this goal.

Tailwind also has “Tribes”.  These tribes help because it’s somewhat similar to a Pinterest group board.  There are multiple contributors and you can find tons of boards that will match the content that you post about.  These tribes allow you to post your pins in each tribe and then you are generally required to pin one other pin in the tribe per pin that you post.  However, the rules for each tribe are different so you may want to take a look at that before you post or join the tribe.  I totally recommend joining the Boss Girl Bloggers tribe (and the FB page listed below) because they are so helpful and make you feel like you’re a part of a family.

So, yes, Tailwind is a life changer… however, it’s also super important to manually pin when you can.  I think Pinterest gets a little annoyed when a scheduler automatically pins for you.  So, I try to hop on Pinterest at least twice a day and just manually pin a few things.

Try to keep your blog in mind while you are doing this.  If you have a mom blog… you won’t want to be pinning inappropriate types of pins.  Or if you have an all natural lifestyle blog, you won’t want to be pinning all of your favorite toxic products.  This is just something to keep in mind.  This will turn your followers off really quickly and you’ll lose them.

Ready for the second life changer?  GROUP BOARDS!  Basically, join any and all that pertain to you.  I recommend this because a viral pin all starts by ONE re-pin.  Keep this in mind.  I’ve noticed a ton of people saying that group boards aren’t worth it if they don’t have a ton of board followers.  However, I don’t feel like it can hurt to post our pins one more time… with Tailwind it takes an extra 5 seconds.  My most popular pin actually originated on my smallest group board.  True story.

So, finding group boards on Pinterest is the hardest part for me.  I suggest joining a few Facebook pages that help bloggers (Blogging with Heart, Boss Girl Bloggers, Pinterest Group Boards).  This significantly helps because you can connect with other bloggers and you will also see tons of opportunities for Pinterest group  boards and also tons of other assistance on these pages!  They have seriously been the best for me.

I have found that organizing my boards and creating a featured board has also really helped me out.  Be sure that you have one board dedicated to your pins only.  For example, I have a board titled BEST OF DIAMONDS TO CROWN.  This board only has the pins that I have created for my blog.  This helps because if someone is looking for your content, it’s all there together for them.  This can be incredibly helpful for our audiences! Why not help our visitors find our content?  They want it… why not give it to them?!

One last thing… be sure that you have your blog url in your about me.  I’ve had viewers come from that little about me space on my Pinterest.  I just try to do the hard work for my viewers.  I do not want them searching to find who I am or where they can find my blog.

Want to take a look at my Pinterest?  You can find me at!

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