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The Journal

I started looking through Pinterest for so many ideas for how to start a bullet journal.  The issue was… all of the bullet journals were all supppppper fancy.  That’s really not who I am as a person.  I don’t have the most beautiful handwriting and I don’t care to take hours to work on a planner.  But I do have a need for organization and order within my life.  I had ordered my bullet journal awhile back but never started it – I ordered the Emerald option and it is beautiful!  The color is super vibrant and I love that it has 3 built in ribbons to use to hold your place (black, white, and emerald).

It does include some simple instructions for how a bullet journal should work, however, I believe that you should use it however works for you.  There is also a key page already included.  Again, I do think that you should change up the key to be sure that however you use your bullet journal is the best method for you.  A title page, index, and also a few future log pages are also included in the front of this particular bullet journal.  It does have the dotted grid instead of being a lined notebook and this is why I decided to purchase a separate bullet journal instead of just using any notebook around the house.  I can tell you that, so far, I’m really glad that I decided to purchase the dotted grid style of journal.  This has made it much easier on me to doodle and keep everything straight.

I should mention that I can not draw worth a hoot.  True, but sad, story.  Also, my handwriting is horribly ugly… especially since I haven’t been working and writing constantly.  I say this to assure you that if I can do this, SO CAN YOU!

I’m borderline minimalistic in that I don’t like to use a ton of colors or supplies in something like this.  So, I just sat down with a few highlighters and my trusty Staedtler triplus fineliner pen.  This pen is seriously the best.  I absolutely love it.  Everyone should own a pack (or five) of these – it even includes a fine(ish) writing yellow highlighter in the pack!

My Designs

First things first… I designed my title page.  I pretty much didn’t think about my spacing and didn’t love my 0 in 2018.  So, I did my best to make it look like it was meant to be like that (LOL).  I’m not sure that I exactly pulled that one off but I don’t hate it.  I actually sort of like how the mason jar style turned out!  I’m on the fence about the flowers but overall… I’m not upset about the first page!

I felt like it was so obvious that the next page would need to be a Year at a Glance so that I can always reference it to see in the future and check to see what day of the week the date falls on. This always seems to be super important in my Plum Paper planner that I use so I knew this was a must have page for me in my new bullet journal.  I kept it very simple and I actually really love it!  The only thing that I would’ve changed is that I didn’t really pay much attention to spacing on my title and because of that, my last word gets sort of smushed at the end.

On the right side of this page I added a savings tracker.  I decided to do this because my husband and I would like to build up a savings account of $3,000 by the end of the year.  We currently just keep all of our money in our checking and we would really like to get away from that.  So, I’m hoping this will hold us accountable and we will be more apt to reaching (and totally crushing) this goal.  I feel like anything that you can color in or mark off makes your goals so much more rewarding!  Anyone else?  Just me? Oh well!  🙂

The next two pages are more of a “spread”.  The left has some wants/needs that we always talk about concerning building our home in the future.  We really don’t want to forget the things on our lists when it comes time to actually build so I’m hoping this will come in handy when that time does come.  The right side is a list of some places that we would like to travel to.  I made this super simple and just put this list in a ‘check off’ style of list.  Let’s not talk about my horrific rendering of an airplane.  Really, let’s not.

These are two of my current favorite pages.  My sweet husband drew out the USA map for me and I went ahead and colored in all of the states that I’ve been to.  I’m hoping to have most (if not all) colored in by the time I’m 30… sounds like a ROAD TRIP is definitely in order!  We love driving to our destinations so our trip to Boston will most definitely help me out with my goal to visit all 50 states!

The right side has a generalized cleaning schedule.  We don’t always stick to this but I wish that we would so I am hoping that we will refer back to this to try to be sure that we are not skipping any vital steps in our process.  I got WAAAAY out of my comfort zone when I was doodling on this page… but I LOVE IT!  It actually really spruced up the page and I don’t really hate any of my doodles, surprisingly!

The last spread that I did involved coloring pencils (insert GASP here)!  I just actually used some Crayola Watercolor Pencils that I had on hand from bible journaling and they worked perfectly!  I really thought about putting some water in a cup and attempting to watercolor in my bullet journal but I got a little bit nervous.  I’m  planning on trying that some time this week, though, on a less important page!  This includes all of our immediate family’s birthdays and anniversaries, as well as, holidays that really seem to matter in our lives!

I have learned one fun trick, so far!  If you use the binding ribbon that holds the journal closed and wrap it around the journal (as pictured below) instead of vertically, it actually holds your pen in place!  Then, you are ready to toss your bullet journal and any pens/highlighters in your purse, diaper bag, car, or wherever else may be handy for you!

So far, I’ve actually had a ton of fun and I do really enjoy taking the time to bullet journal.  I know that there are tons and tons of posts about bullet journaling on Pinterest but I want mine to be different.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for because all of the ones that I found were perfection.  That’s just not me.  I’m not someone who will spend hours perfecting a spread in my bullet journal but I still believe that this system could work for me.

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