One of the hardest decisions that you’ll potentially ever make… naming your baby.  Technically, they can change their name but, most likely, they are ‘stuck’ with it.  This really felt so daunting.  So daunting, in fact, that my husband and I already had a name picked out for either gender before I got pregnant!  True story.

We wanted something different.  My name is just enough uncommon that I don’t find it on those cute little keychains but I don’t have people stare at me sideways trying to figure out what I just said.  My husband’s name is Tayler.  He’s not really a fan of the unisex name and the unique spelling of his name has sort of made Tyler become a nickname.  Rough deal.  He REALLY hated that his name was confusing for tons of people and announcers when he was playing baseball.

It really meant a lot to me that her name be something that was meaningful to us.  I LOVE family names.  But, again, we didn’t want something too classic, either.  It was sort of a challenge.  At one point, I seriously loooooved the name Baylor (still do)!  BUT, our cousin named her daughter Baylor and the more that I thought about it… I felt super weird about saying Tayler and Baylor together.  Just felt too “rhymey” to me.  So, that was out for us.  However, we really liked the idea of a college theme for the name.  Mostly because, she may never find her name on one of those cute keychains on the racks at a theme part, but she would be able to find her name on merchandise from the college.

My maiden name is Van Winkle and I really love when girls name their kids using their maiden name.  But… Van Winkle Ross just didn’t sound all that cute.  HA!  Because of my maiden name, however, we had decided on Vander for a boy because it was similar to Van Winkle.

So, if you’ve been on Diamonds to Crown before or if you know me, you’ll know my love of baseball.  It’s pretty serious.  Tayler pitched in college and we are just huge fans, in general!  My favorite DI baseball team is Vanderbilt (heeeeeeey, Dansby Swanson!).  I have just always found myself following them and I like their whole vibe!

Tayler and I were randomly going to Walmart (what’s new?!) and we were just pulling in and I was talking about how I hated that we didn’t have any name ideas for a girl.  He instantly says “well, if we really like going with a college themed name, why wouldn’t we just name a girl Vandy”.  I had tears in my eyes.  That was it.  BOOM.  Done!

Just like that.  We never looked back.  We only thought of middle names that we liked with Vandy.  Since I was really young, I loved my great grandparent’s last name… Julian.  I just always thought that it was beautiful and I have always enjoyed listening to the stories of them.  I really wish that I would’ve been able to meet them.  However, what a fitting way to incorporate the name that I love!

Vandy Julian Ross.  WE LOVE IT.

I did go through a few weeks where I started really questioning her name.  I just felt like it wouldn’t ‘fit’ her or something.

We really wanted to name her Raleigh for a long time because Tayler and I fell in love with Raleigh/Cary, NC when we were there while Tayler was playing in the DII College World Series!  Raleigh Ross.  Rolling Rocks.  Anyone else?  Just me? HAHA!  I couldn’t do it.  I felt like I was just begging for our poor daughter to be bullied!

The second that I saw her face, Vandy just fit her so perfectly.

Did you find names that just wouldn’t work with your last name like Raleigh Ross?  If so, leave them below!

I know that you’re all wondering… yes, we do have a name chosen for each gender for our next child (God willing)!

If you haven’t already read my Labor and Delivery Story, you can do so here!

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