Okay… something a little bit different for this Saturday!  Is anyone else as obsessssssed as I am with monthly favorite YouTube videos?  Oh, just me?  It’s all good. BUT, I still want to share with you what my favorites in the month of January were.  None of the links are affiliate or sponsored.  Just my honest opinions and loves of the month!

Some {read: most} of these will be baby products because we do have a 4.5 month old daughter, Vandy.

If you click on the title of each item, it will take you to the item that we have!

Halo SleepSack:  Vandy sleeps in this at nights and seriously instantly knows that once she is in it, it is time for bed.  She has slept 12+ hours (never waking more than once per night) since we have had this and used the Sleep Sack!  BEST INVESTMENT EVER.

Young Living PanAway:  I am not a distributor.  This is an essential oil that is basically a pain reliever.  However, this stuff is like IcyHot on crack.  Yes – that good.  We looooove this in our household.  I would encourage you to do your research to be sure that it is something that feels right for you, though!

Wet Brush:  This hair brush is a life saver.  My hair is falling out like absolute crazy right now due to postpartum hairloss (just as fun as it sounds).  This brush has allowed me to brush my hair out without ripping out any more hair than has to be pulled.  It is amazing {affordable} and looks beautiful!

Our home:  I know – cheeeeeesy.  But, this month we’ve been making a lot of upgrades and moving things around to make it feel like ours and it’s working!  We are loving spending our time here and I love knowing that this is where our sweet Vandy will grow up!

$12 Bella Tees:  Guys.  These are the softest, most adorable shirts.  I love them!  They release new shirts every Thursday and you have until the following Wednesday to get your order placed before they add the new shirts.  Such a fun concept.  They also do customs, they are super easy to work with, and they are sweet mamas!

Exersaucer:  LIFE CHANGING!  I’m so guilty of holding Vandy alllllll day.  I feel like since I stay home with her… I can do that.  But, it really makes it impossible to do things if you just snuggle a baby all day.  So, she’s started playing in her Exersaucer for short periods of time and she LOVES it!

Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel:  This gel literally rolls the dead skin off of your face.  Yes, I’m sure that some of the ‘dead skin’ that you see rolling off is really just the product.  I do notice my face feeling amazing when I get done using this, though.  It’s a little pricey but I only use it once a month and it has lasted a long time!

Victoria’s Secret Joggers:  These are the most comfortable joggers that I’ve ever worn.  They are much more flattering on than in the picture on the website.  I need a pair in every color.  My bank account doesn’t agree.  Forever waiting around for the Semi-Annual Sale!

What were your favorites in January?  Post them in the comments!  I’d love to hear from you.


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