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Let’s rewind for just a second.  September 19th of 2017.  I’m sitting in my OB/GYN’s office at 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my mom (Tayler had a meeting at work).  For the 4th straight appointment… I’m still dilated to a 3, 30-40% effaced.  Borrrrrrring.  The first time that I heard that I was dilated to 3cm, I definitely thought it was “go time”.  Nope.  Still just where I had been.  No progress.  My OB/GYN decides to ‘stretch’ my cervix.  Y’all.  This freaking hurt.  Tells me that I can set an induction date either that night or I would have to wait until Sunday night because she would be out of town between those dates.

WHAT?!  Nope, she can’t leave town.  Shouldn’t her whole plans just be put on hold?  HELLO.  I’m about to have a baby here.  Okay, so that’s not how it works.  I pretty much decide that I can’t have our baby without her so I pick that night.  Instantly, I think about what the baby’s likely birth date would be – September 20th – OKAY.  I can deal with that.  That sounds like a pretty birthday.  LOL – yes, I’m serious.  I’m a little nuts every once in a while. No shame.

I call my sweet husband and tell him that I’ll be induced at midnight.  So, he decides to come home so that we can get everything together and get some rest before everything starts.  We pretty much just finished packing any last minute things that we might need.  We had a super light lunch because we were going for a nice dinner before heading to the hospital.

I decided that I really needed a nap because I’d never had any type of hospital stay before so I assumed I wouldn’t really get a ton of sleep.  PLUS, I had heard such horrible stories from inductions.  They last forever, they hurt even worse, some poor women go through labor for days and still end up needing a C section.  Scary.

We lay down in bed to take a nap and realize that Apple had released a new update to our phones.  We both decide to go ahead and download the update and before the update even finished I had a super sharp pain on my right side.  I really thought it was just because I had been laying on my right side for awhile.  I roll over to my left side and it seriously gets worse.  Wait.  Nope, it’s gone.  Thank goodness.

The pain comes back.  This time my whole stomach feels it.  OUCH.  Tayler grabs his phone, which finally finished downloading the update, and starts timing these pains.  At around 7pm, the pains were just at about 4 minutes apart and they were lasting for right at a minute.  I ask Tayler to call the Birthing Center at our hospital to ask what our next move should be.  They tell him that if I’m not in active labor, I’ll just have to hang out and wait until midnight for my induction (assuming that they had an available room).  He calls my mom who tells him to call his mom because she’s a nurse.  She isn’t real sure, either.  Hmm.  I’m not going to just go sit in a chair for hours without any access to medication or anything else.

I’m starting to realize that I’m actually in labor.  At this point, I can tell that Tayler is starting to get pretty nervous.  So, I tell him to go take a shower and then we will see how I’m doing.  He takes the world’s fastest shower and doesn’t even miss a contraction.  We decide to go ahead and go to the hospital because the contractions are starting to be more like a minute and a half long and only about 3 minutes in between.  We pulled up to the Emergency Entrance and I get out of the car, I take about 6 steps – HELL NO.  I can’t walk.  SO MUCH PAIN.

Tayler sprints up to get a wheelchair and we head inside.  The lady that was checking us in pretty much ignored that I was in active labor.  She thought we were just there to be induced the entire time that we spoke with her.  Literally.  I’m dying and she’s just talking up a storm asking about how my parents and grandparents are doing.  HELLO, I’M DYING HERE.

We walk wheel into the Birthing Center and I almost instantly feel nauseous.  Our super sweet nurse gets us to a room and I literally tell her that I want all of the meds and an epidural (real proud moment, LOL).  I start throwing up and she guesses that I’m at a 5 because apparently that seems to be when most women start feeling nauseous.  She checks me… 7cm!  7CM!  I felt like Superwoman.  Total badass right here!  That’s right.  I can totally do this.

ANYONE who knows me, at all, knows that I’m not good with pain.  I’m still not sure how I got any of my tattoos or my piercing.  I was so proud that I had made it to 7cm dilated before I needed any medication.  She gave me some good meds and then we waited.  I did get an epidural, however, I really wish that I wouldn’t have.  My only relief from the epidural was from my right knee to my toes.  I could feel everything other than that – honestly I was handling the contractions really well once I received the medication.

My OB/GYN walked in right after our nurse had checked me and I was at a 9 3/4cm dilated.  She broke my water and I pretty much instantly started pushing after that.  For me personally, pushing was the worst part of the entire labor and delivery experience.  It burned so bad with each push.  My OB/GYN did give me a shot of lidocaine down there and then IT HAPPENED.  I had an episiotomy.  If you don’t know what that is… don’t look it up.  Do yourself a favor.  I didn’t feel it, at all, when it was done, though.

The monitors kept beeping but then my doctor leaned over me and told me that we had to have a baby on my next push.  I pushed as hard as I possibly could – and felt her coming into this crazy world.  I only pushed about 4-5 times total.  I’ve never felt something more magical than literally feeling our sweet daughter be born.  So sweet.

And then I saw her.  BLUE.  All I could see was her back and legs and she was just so blue.  I looked up at Tayler because he is and always has been the calm, cool, and collected one out of the two of us.  He looked completely terrified.  I really thought he was about to lose it.  I asked if she was okay and our doctor assured me that she would be just fine.  Seconds later, she screamed.  I say screamed instead of cried because WOW.  That sweet little girl has quite the set of lungs.

We later found out that the panic during her delivery was because Vandy was actually kinking and smashing her umbilical cord with every push.  Because of this, her heart rate kept bottoming out.  SCARY.

Our sweet Vandy was born at 10:22pm and she was seriously perfect.  Her face was so swollen but I got to snuggle her for about an hour and feed her before Tayler got her!  Our nurse measured her and got her all wrapped up and then gave Vandy to Tayler.  Sweetest moment ever. Keep in mind, our entire family was sitting in the waiting room.  Our nurse asked when we wanted our guests to come back to the room… Tayler answered with “tomorrow”.  We just couldn’t get enough of her.  So, at around 12:10am on the 20th, our family got to come back and meet the newest member of our family.  The first thing that almost everyone noticed?  Her huge eyes and feet!

The strangest feeling of my entire life was when everything stopped.  Our family all went home.  Our nurses were super busy (our Birthing Center was crazy busy) and giving us time with our girl.  But the silence was insane.  Tayler and I just stared at Vandy and each other pretty much all night.  Apparently most babies sleep for awhile after they are born.  Vandy?  Nope, she never slept before our nephew came to meet her before school the next day.  She didn’t cry, just looked at us and the room.  ALL NIGHT.

Craziest experience of my life.  We will forever be so thankful for my OB/GYN and our amazing nurse.  They made everything feel so okay and calm.

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