I’ve been really debating on whether I wanted to write this post, or not.  I hate to write this because I know that some parents will totally disagree with me.  However, I want to be completely open and transparent with you all.  So, here is my list of newborn baby products that we absolutely could have saved our money on.

    • Boppy Newborn Lounger:  This was a total waste of our money.  I think our daughter laid on this twice.  She didn’t really like it and it just seemed useless.  We could lay her in a chair, on the couch, or in her Rock n Play and she enjoyed those more.  It’s honestly just a large awkward pillow.  Another reason that we didn’t like it – it is SO bulky.  You think that maternity body pillow takes up a lot of room?  This is just as bad.


  • Swing:  Yeah, I’m going to hear all about this one.  Our baby has only ever liked one swing.  A random swing that my parents have – in the same style that I used as a baby.  Seriously.  We paid TONS of money on a MamaRoo… what kid doesn’t like a MamaRoo?  Ours.  She just wasn’t really a fan of the swinging and seriously hated it.  Our baby always did better in the Rock n Play and/or tummy time.

  • Muslin Blankets:  Uh oh, yeah, I said it.  We didn’t like these.  We tried to swaddle Vandy in them – it just didn’t work for us.  She would break out of them in about 3 seconds.  She only liked the actual swaddle blankets. You can see the ones that we like here.

  • Dock a Tot:  We didn’t co-sleep.  We almost spent a ridiculous amount of money on something that we would’ve never used.  I like the concept, a way to safely co-sleep.  However, we felt more comfortable with Vandy in a bassinet and then transitioned to her crib.

  • White Noise Machine:  This literally gave me headaches when it was in our room.  We haven’t used ours with Vandy since we moved her to her own room and she sleeps better now – without it.

  • Wipe Warmer:  Okay, let’s allllllll think about this.  If you use nice, warm diapers at home, then you leave your baby with someone for any period of time or you have to change your baby’s diaper outside of the house… are you going to have your nice, warm diapers?  We never used ours and I’m so thankful that we didn’t!  Vandy has never cared that her wipes are cold and doesn’t know any different!

  • Pacifier:  I know, what am I thinking?!  We literally do not own a pacifier… our baby does chomp on her finger but I feel like that is SO much better than always losing pacifiers.  I totally recommend maybe just getting one or two and just see how your baby does without.  I know that some babies really like to have a pacifier but I’m glad that we chose to not use one!

  • Boppy Pillow:  If you don’t breastfeed, I feel like this is completely pointless.  Yes, you can use it for tummy time, however, there are tons of options for tummy time.  Again, this takes up SO much room and we’ve used it a handful of times.

  • Shoes:  Go get your baby a pair of cute neutral colored shoes.  We did!  But, don’t go toooooo crazy.  Babies will kick these off faster than you can put the other one on. I’m serious.  Moccasins are totally my recommendation if you can’t stop yourself.  They seem to stay on the best!  We mostly just leave Vandy in socks because we would constantly be losing shoes, otherwise!

  • Dishwasher Basket:  So I pretty much thought that we would use this every single day.  Nope, still in the packaging.  We just feel like the bottles and pieces are cleaner if we wash them by hand.  Totally a personal preference.  If you use Dr. Brown’s bottles and use a dishwasher basket for the parts – please, please, please let me know what you think in the comments!

Do you have other items that everyone recommended but then you never used?  Leave the items in the comments!


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