Okay, guys.  Let’s be real.  Babies need a TON of things before you bring them home.  Most of their items are crazy expensive and can really add up if you don’t watch your budget.  My husband and I bought a new house in August and welcomed our sweet girl in September.  Talk about an expensive and beyond stressful couple of months trying to get everything ready for Vandy’s big arrival.

So, after all of the clothes, new nursery furniture, toys, swaddle blankets, and the bows (oh, all of the bowwwwws)… the Owlet almost looked like something we could cut out of the budget.  I am SO glad that we didn’t.

So, in case you haven’t heard of the Owlet… it is a little sleep ‘sock’ that you velcro with two straps onto your baby’s foot at night.

The Owlet tracks your baby’s heart rate and also his/her oxygen level.  We have the Owlet Smart Sock 2- it was basically brand new when we purchased!  I will go over Vandy’s bedtime routine in a later post, however, we always put the Owlet on Vandy during that routine!  There is a base that we keep in her room that lights up to let you know that everything is okay.

The best part is that they have a free app that my husband and I both have installed on our phones.  This app allows us to check Vandy’s levels at any time and will even alert us if any of her levels are outside of their allowed range–you won’t miss the alert– it is VERY loud and ‘alarming’ (pun totally intended- HA!).

Another awesome feature is that we get a notification if she somehow gets the sock out of place on her foot (this doesn’t happen often) but it is super nice to have that comfort.

The only cons that I really have is that you do have to charge the sock piece every day or it WILL die during the night.  Also, the warranty is only 30 days (I believe–it may be 45).  I really feel like I needed a little bit longer to be sure that everything worked correctly.

Also, if Vandy would’ve been born early, we would’ve had to wait for it to get shipped to us.  We ordered about 2 weeks before Vandy was born so it worked out good for us. However, we still wasted a little bit of the warranty because she wasn’t born yet.

I do think the price is high (and an Owlet should be covered by insurance in my opinion).  However, this is the best product that we purchased for our baby.

I guess I should also mention that we did have one ‘false’ scare.  When Vandy was very young (<1 month), Tayler fed her in the middle of the night and started to burp her.  When he was burping her the Owlet alerted us of an extremely high heart rate, however, as soon as he stopped burping her, the alarm stopped.  We aren’t really sure what caused this but that was the only time that it ever happened!

The Owlet is the reason that Tayler and I get sleep at night.  If Vandy makes a weird noise or gets super loud, we can check her stats – no big deal.  SIDS is one of my biggest fears (and what causes most of my anxiety). So to be able to check on her at any time is SO important to us.

If you want more information or would like to purchase I’ll add the link (not sponsored or affiliated) below.


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