Okay, so if you read my post from yesterday… you heard all about my weight gain.  BLAH.  So, hard to type and read.  Even more scary to post it to where the world can read it.

This piece of my story will be better. Thankfully.

At the time, I thought that where I left off yesterday was just going to be my life.  Not the case.  Quick recap – I weighed 173 at my appointment to have my Nexplanon removed. I was pretty well used to weighing around 130-135 pounds before it was implanted.  If you’ve ever researched the Nexplanon you probably saw claims that it was nearly impossible to get pregnant after you’ve had this specific birth control.

I was 23 and terrified that I would never be able to have biological kids.  Tayler and I do have a desire to adopt, however, our ideal plan has always included a couple of bio children first.

So, Nexplanon is removed in October 2016.  We move on and I don’t really notice any weight loss.  I was bummed and totally disappointed.  Not going to lie… I expected to wake up the day after it was removed and see instant results – almost literally.

Let’s jump ahead to January 2017.  I was still checking my weight at my parents almost every time we were there.  My weight was maintaining.  I remember laying in bed with Tayler and just crying my eyes out thinking that I won’t be able to lose this weight.  I was so unhappy with myself.  Why can’t I lose this damn weight?!  I had multiple people literally message me on FB to tell me that they had products to help me boost my metabolism and lose weight.  Wow.  So now I pretty much know that everyone notices.

Anyways.  So, I get the ‘flu’ in January and I mean I was sick. I had never been sick like that.  Wake up vomiting, vomiting all day, falling asleep vomiting.  HORRIBLE.  My mom asks me, “Are you pregnant?”.  Nope, no way.  It’ll take FOREVER for these stupid hormones from the Nexplanon to get out of my body and allow my body to even think about getting pregnant.  I call my primary physician and they tell me that everyone pretty much had the flu.  Unless I was running a crazy fever, stay home.

Y’all.  I was still sick a month later. Really sick. Yep.  Pregnant.

I was so excited.  But also frustrated because I didn’t want my start weight to be this much.  It was daunting.  My pregnancy story is one for another post (no worries, it’s on my list).

baby bump

Photo above is when I started to show, a little!  May 2017

Let’s skip forward to September 2017.  VANDY IS BORN – YAY!  All 7 pounds, 5 ounces of her was perfect.  I look down at my stomach… I’m not totally disgusted with myself.  I’ll take that as a win.  I go to my 2 week postpartum appointment – 163 pounds.  OKAY.  I can handle that.  I’m feeling good.

Vandy's birth

Photo above taken minutes after Vandy is born.  September 19, 2017

2 wks pp

Photo above taken the same day as my 2 week postpartum appointment. 

6 week postpartum appointment – 160 pounds.  I’ll take it.  I wanted to be in the 150s but I’m not upset about 160.  I went for my last appointment mid-December.  156 pounds!  I’m slowly but surely getting there.  I feel awesome!  20 pounds to goal weight.  I can absolutely do this.  I know that I can.

I’m unable to give you an update because we don’t own a scale but I can tell that I’m still losing weight.  I was wearing mostly large shirts and XL bottoms before I got pregnant… I’m currently in a M pair of Victoria’s Secret leggings and a M graphic tee that is WAY too big for me.  I’m so happy with where I am.


Photo above – comparison from January 2017 (left) vs. January 2018 (right).



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