Welcome to the first in a series that I’m planning… THE BEST OF!  This will include some of my favorites and what I think are the best of whatever topic!  Let’s start off super strong… NETFLIX.

I constantly see friends on my Facebook asking for Netflix suggestions… let me be that friend for you.

I’ve started SO MANY Netflix shows that I can’t even finish because I just don’t like it.  I have compiled this list of our favorites just for you.  These are in no specific order because I just can’t choose 1 single favorite.  No way.

If you do not have a subscription with Netflix, you can get a free month trial here.

  • The Crown – I LOVE this one.  Seriously, amazing.  The name of my blog includes Crown because I love the Royal Family.  This is seriously an amazing show.  My husband really enjoyed it, too!  I pretty much want to watch it again…

  • Grey’s Anatomy – If you haven’t checked this out and need a show that you can watch for awhile… you’ve found the show for you.  AMAZING.  This is one of the best written shows that I’ve ever watched, hands down.  If you love medical based shows, this is your new favorite.  If you enjoy drama… yep, still for you!


  • When Calls the Heart – The sweetest “chick flick”.  Seriously, sweet show that is based in a little tiny mining town and focuses on a school teacher.  This teacher is doing her best to change her students’ lives.


  • Shameless – I’m still working through this one.  BUT, let me tell you… YESSSSS!  I would not recommend this one if you have little kids running around; it’s pretty graphic and shows everything. Pretty much it’s all about sex, drugs, alcoholics… but seriously AMAZING.

  • Pretty Little Liars – Y’all.  I thought this would be a chick flick that I could watch when Tayler was gone… NOPE.  I was under my comforter when he came home because I was scared.  Seriously, twisted, crazy show.  SO GOOD!

  • GLEE – Hilarious show based on a high school Glee club that is basically bullied hard and still loves to sing.  My (not so) secret love is Finn.  You’ll totally fall head over heels for the characters.  I’m soooo sad that it’s completely over.

  • The League – One of the best shows if you like sports (at all).  SOOOOO FUNNY!  My husband and I LOVED this one!  Basically this group of super unlikely friends have a fantasy sports league and it’s great.  Totally worth the watch.

  • New Girl – funny show that is based on a group of hilarious roommates and all of their adventures.  This is really a feel good type of show.

  • White Collar – My husband’s favorite show of all time.  A man cuts a deal to get out of prison, however, he has to help out the authorities to help stop other scammers.  He’s a genius and you’ll love all of the characters.  Our minds were blown in basically every single episode.

  • Private Practice – If you like (or love) Grey’s Anatomy, this is a spin off and it’s great.  The very end of the last episode is THE BEST.  Tayler and I still talk about this all the time.

  • Rules of Engagement – Super funny drama that has a group of friends that always find themselves in strange situations.  Every character is funny and we were sad when it was over!

  • Parenthood – My heart will forever be shattered because this show is over.  Fun show that deals with real life issues.  This is an absolute must watch, in my opinion!

This is all I’ve got for now!  Leave your suggestions for Netflix below and I’ll check them out and MAYBE you’ll catch them on the update!


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