So, this probably won’t be my favorite blog post.  I feel like this is so important for women to hear, though.  I’ll just jump right in.


Let’s consider the photo above the ‘before’ – July 2013.

In October of 2013 I decided to have the Nexplanon implanted in my arm for birth control.  We were living in Springfield at the time and so I used a different OB/GYN to place the Nexplanon.  I’ll get into all of the specifics about the horror of the Nexplanon in a later post, however, I will skim over a few of the details in this post.  The day that I had the implant inserted I weighed 133 pounds and I was pretty happy with my body.  I had never really worked out- this was just pretty much my body type.  I wanted to lose a little bit of weight but nothing that I was stressing about, to say the least.

Please note:  our wedding was June 2014.

I started to go for walks and runs with my (now) husband because I wanted to have the ‘wedding body’ in full effect.  Instead of losing the few pounds that I wanted to lose, I noticed that I was gaining weight.  We didn’t (and still don’t) own a scale so I was literally just looking at my body and I could tell that I was noticeably gaining weight.  I was frustrated – blamed it on getting older and not playing volleyball anymore.

I told Tayler to kick me in the ass and let’s do this.  He was playing baseball for MO State at the time and he ran quite a bit because he was pitching for them.  So, as soon as he got home in the evenings, we would go for a long jog or walk.  He was in shape and it was killing me that I was seriously out of breath SO fast and I knew that I should’ve been keeping up with him.  I was working hard.

Nope, still gaining weight.  SO frustrated.  There’s no way that this could be caused by some silly birth control implant.  No way.

I basically looked at the calendar one day in March and COMPLETELY panicked.  I had only a few months to look my ‘best’?!  This can not be possible.  I got on the scale at my parents’ house.  162.  No.  Their scale is broken – no other explanation.

A few more months go by and I go for my final fitting for my wedding dress.  BARELY fits.  I mean, barely.  Let’s be real, I was crushed.  I had DAYS until what was supposed to be the best day of my life and I felt beyond defeated. To this day, I do not have one single wedding picture in our home.  I don’t even recognize that woman.


Photo above – June 21, 2014.

Unfortunately, this trend continued.  I kept gaining weight.  Tayler and I were eating healthier.  No sweets.  Still walking/jogging occasionally.  What was happening to me?  I was actually embarrassed to wear shorts to Tayler’s baseball games.  It got soooo warm outside and I definitely needed shorts in June 2016 when Tayler and the Mules played in the DII College World Series in Cary, NC.  It was right around 100 degrees every day that we were there.  I felt huge.  I felt completely self conscious and devastated.  All that I really wanted was to enjoy the entire experience, however, I could hardly get over how I looked.  Tayler is always telling me that he would help me with whatever I wanted but that he still thought I was beautiful and I didn’t have to do anything unless I actually wanted to.


Photo above from DII College World Series in Cary, NC – June 2016.

In October of 2016 it was time for me to have my implant removed (they are only effective for 3 years).  I called my OB/GYN that I LOVVVVVVE and asked about them removing my birth control implant.  They told me to come in and they’d take it out.  They weigh me (everyone’s favorite part).  173.  Yep – their scale is broken, too.  I was sweating.  I made Tayler wait in the waiting room – even though we both knew I needed him to hold my hand.  There couldn’t be any witnesses be there to watch me pass out from my low pain tolerance (this almost happened when I had it inserted).

She removed it – no pain.  Thank goodness.  I live to see another day.  Phew.


Photo above from September or October 2016.

I’ll save the rest for tomorrow… 🙂



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