Welcome back, friends!  I’m so, so glad to have you!  My Skincare Routine post seemed to be a popular one and I had a few questions about my hair care routine, as well.

Let’s start with the important part… I had SUPER thick, dark, color treated hair.  I say had because I’m going through some major postpartum hair loss.  On that note, let me know if you have any hair care suggestions to help my hair grow back in quickly!

I’ve never had that super soft hair.  My hair is course and honestly feels like hay.  For as long as I can remember, my hair has felt like this.  However, this hair care routine and the products that I use have made a significant difference.  My hair was never much past my shoulders before 2012 because it seemed to just stop growing.  So, I basically decided to let it grow and now this is what I do to keep my hair long and healthy!

There are affiliate links included in this post.  Just to clarify, I 100% use (and loooove) these products and these affiliate links just help to keep this blog alive and healthy!  😉

Let’s start from the shower and work our way through my entire hair care routine…

I only wash my hair 2 times/week.  This seems to be where my hair is the happiest.  If I wait much more than 3-4 days, my hair gets super oily.  If I was more often than 3 days, my hair gets super dry.  It is important to try to not wash your hair everyday because the natural oils that you produce is great for your hair!

I always start my shower off with shampoo, rinse, conditioner.  It’s super important to let the conditioner or mask sit on the hair for as long as possible.  I’m currently using the Matrix Total Results Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner.  I hiiiiiiighly recommend this.  I’ve used tons of options but this set is my favorite because it is one of the only options that actually change my hair.  My hair is so much more manageable and easier to brush out when I use this.

If I start to feel as if my hair has a waxy texture or seems to have some ‘build up’, I like to use a really good shampoo that will clean that and let me have a fresh start.  For me, this is the Lush Big.  At first, it is really strange because it has chunks of sea salt and it really doesn’t later.  To use this, put about a quarter size in your hand and while your hair is super wet after rinsing out your shampoo, start working this into your scalp.  This will really give your hair that super clean feel.  I always try to use this once per week to keep my hair healthy and not so weighed down.  When I skip using this for a week or two, I really notice that my hair loses a ton of volume.

If I have the time to take a long shower, I try to use a good hair mask.  I, personally, really love the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask.  This is one of the only masks that I’ve ever used that actually makes my hair softer and I notice a difference instantly.  My hair is super dry on the ends and oily at the roots, however, this mask doesn’t make my scalp oily but still delivers a big hydration punch on the ends.  I usually take some time to shave, use my body wash, or sing my lungs out while this sits on my hair.  Then, I rinse it out just like a conditioner.

Pay attention to this next step – SUPER IMPORTANT.  When I get out of the shower, I DO NOT rub my hair or squeeze my hair with a towel.  I use my hands to gently remove the excess water.  Once I have removed this excess water, I put the Turbie Twist on my hair.  This will act as a soft source that will accelerate dry time without damaging your hair.  A regular towel will damage your hair.  I’ve noticed that a regular towel will also make any split ends more obvious.  This works great for me and it really gets my hair out of my way!

Once I remove my Turbie Twist, I spray It’s a 10 all over my hair.  I consider this to be magic.  Level = Harry Potter.  Yes, for real.  There have been times that I’ve been unable to brush out my hair {literally} – I sprayed this all over my hair and within minutes my hair was completely soft and brushed out! I do not allow myself to run out of this product.  If you’re looking for one product to change your hair – THIS IS IT.  I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t love this.

Next I like to use the Redken Anti-Snap Leave in Treatment.  Honestly, I didn’t know if this was doing much for my hair… until I ran out.  I only went a few days before I realized that my hair just seemed to be weak – breaking off everywhere in my hair ties.  I ordered some and within 2 uses, my hair ties were hair covered, no more!  I’m a true believer now.  My hair just seems so much stronger.  Maybe I should attempt to tie my hair in a knot like those pretty girls in the commercials – eh, probably not.

I absolutely believe that this Wet Hair Brush has saved my hair.  My hair was rough and I felt like I was always ripping it out.  My superwoman of a hairdresser (yeah, shout out to you, Tonya) recommended this and my hair has been a million times better, ever since.  It actually glides through my hair and doesn’t pull at my hair, if that makes sense!  Want to know the best part?  It’s insanely cheap.  I’m talking cheaper than Walmart prices on hair brushes…

At this point, I like to let my hair air dry completely.  I do my best to not use heat on my hair.  My hair started growing (a ton) when I stopped blow drying and straightening/curling my hair all the time.  My hair also just has an all over better look to it since I stopped.

Once my hair is dry, I like to use an oil on my ends to keep them protected and looking their best.  My amazing hairdresser recommended the CHI Silk Infusion oil soooo many years ago and I’m still totally in love with it.  Most oils make my hair look greasy, but not this one.  My hair just looks like I just got out of the salon every single time that I use this.  Seriously good stuff.

On days that I do not wash my hair, I like to use a dry shampoo.  This adds volume to my hair and takes away the ‘day after a wash’ look.  I really love the Aussie Total Miracle Dry Shampoo.  My hair seems to tolerate it really well without over producing oils.

Just as an FYI, I use this CHI straightener to straighten and curl my hair and this Hot Tools hair dryer. I really like both of these tools and it seems like my hair dries in a fraction of the time with this hair dryer.

If you have any questions or other suggestions, please either use the ‘Contact’ tab or leave a comment below.


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