Are you trying to decide what kind of dog to add to your family?  Are you considering a Goldendoodle?  If you answered “yes” to either of the questions – you are in the right place!

So, let’s get right to it.  I’m going to give you a completely honest opinion from a Goldendoodle owner.

My husband and I decided to start looking at puppies around July of 2014.  We checked out our local shelter and looked online at rescues and other shelters.  I will say that if you can, please adopt from a rescue or shelter.  That is seriously the biggest downfall and something that I’ve really felt guilty about ever since we got August.  However, we knew that at some point in the future we would want children.  My dad and father in law both have animal related allergies and we are always bothered by the posts on Facebook that someone is ‘rehoming’ their pet due to children or whatever the excuse may be.  Because of this, we decided to start researching hypoallergenic dogs.  We also knew that we wanted a puppy or very young dog because both of our cats are energetic and super playful.

My search for hypoallergenic dogs was honestly pretty unsuccessful in our area.  We found a breeder about 25 miles from us, however, there was a long waiting list.

I found an option about 2 hours from us with one available Goldendoodle puppy.  Even though this sounded great, I was a little bit skeptical.  I sent an email to inquire and get more information.  She sent us the price and told us that this puppy was super sweet and lovable.  YES – exactly what we were looking for!  She sent us TONS of pictures and videos of this puppy with its’ brothers and sisters and we were officially in love.  She came with a lifetime health guarantee, toys, food, treats, her shots were up to date, and she was already microchipped.  Tayler actually had a day off of practice and classes so he went and picked her up while I was at work.  SHE WAS PERFECT!

I could pretty much talk about her alllllll day.  But, who has time to read that?!

Long story short – she only ever had one accident.  She learned how to sit, lay down, and stay within the first few days.  To this day she knows how to sit, stay, lay down, dance, walk on her hind legs, shake, and shake with both hands.  She is beyond smart.  Seriously.  Too smart.

She can always tell when I’m upset and rarely left my side the entire time that I was pregnant.  She loves to be the closest one to me and has no problem growling at Tayler if he gets closer than she is.  The only exception is Vandy, our 4.5 month old baby.  August is so gentle with her and genuinely loves her.

The only ‘issues’ that we have with August (and we’ve heard the same from other Goldendoodle owners) is that she gets VERY excited when people get home or come over.  August barks like crazy and jumps all over guests (and us).  She is a little stubborn.  Usually, she will only do tricks or listen if she wants to or if you have a treat in your hand.  I was never strict with her so I’m not sure if she would’ve listened better if I had been.

August (Gussie) is a Toy Goldendoodle and weighs around 25 pounds.  She was considered ‘red’ when we got her, however, she is more of a dark apricot now that she’s older.

Now to answer the question that everyone really wants to know:  SHE DOES NOT SHED, AT ALL.  However, these dogs are not the easiest maintenance.  They need brushed often and hair cuts regularly.  Tayler actually cuts August’s hair because she doesn’t like being in a car (this is not normal Goldendoodle behavior and we aren’t sure why she doesn’t like it) so we don’t really make her do that unless we have to!

Yes, these are pricey dogs but worth it in my opinion!

If you have any other questions, please comment below or use the contact tab.  I’d love to answer anything for you!




P.S. Most of these pictures were taken by Regan Hollinsworth Photography!

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